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400 Series — High-End security


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400 Series — High-End security
Our top of the line security laminate is the SL 20, which is designed for violent crime areas or countries that are experiencing civil unrest. SL 20, the world’s first 4-ply security laminate has the highest level of glass fragmentation retention and, when used in combination with our mechanical anchoring system, offers the highest level of bomb blast protection in the industry.

» Highest Level of fragmentation retention in the Industry
» Hurricane resistance
» High-end bomb blast protection
» Small firearms resistance
» Strongest laminate on the market


» World's first 4-ply security laminate
» Scratch resistant surface coating
» 7 pound per ream laminating adhesive
» 14 pound per ream mounting adhesive

SL 20 Clear
The ultimate in bullet, bomb and explosive, natural disaster resistance. Highest level of security protection in the laminate industry… Extreme protection against extreme threats.
- High-end bomb blast and explosive resistance (GSA level D buildings)
- High-end security, High-level fragmentation retention
- Has a break-strength of 460 lbs. per square inch
- Resistance to small fire-arms
- Applied to ½" glass can resist the penetration of a .38 caliber, .9mm FMJ, or even a .357
- Meets ANSI Standard-Z97
- Meets UL/ULC Standard S332-93 for Burglary Resistant Glazing Material
- Helps to reduce heating and air conditioning costs
- It rejects 98% of harmful ultraviolet light
- Provides electromagnetic interference from electronic ease dropping devices
- Apply to new and retrofit to any existing flat glass
- Virtually unobtrusive, 91 % visual clarity
- Installation conducted by professional, factory trained technicians
- Has a lifetime warranty against peeling, fading, yellowing, de-metalizing and delaminating

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