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Dealership Program & Support
To Register Online for Application KitTo ensure your success in both the start-up and ongoing operations of your own dealership, the ACE Dealer Certification Program offers a comprehensive two-day training and planning session encompassing technical/installation, marketing, sales, service and business subject matter. As importantly, you will form relationships with our team of professionals who are in place to support you in every aspect of the business. The certification program also provides access to the necessary materials, tools and products to help you start your business.

The start-up Inventory package includes the following :

» Training
Two days training course in the following departments:

Technical and installations
Sales and Management
Marketing and Promotion
Purchasing and Shipping procedures
Public and Media Demonstration sessions

» Product, Tools and Equipment
You are provided with enough laminate to recover the full amount of your initial investment. We will also provide the basic tools and equipment needed to operate your business at minimum cost.

» Marketing Collateral
Our in-house marketing department will assist you with marketing material to suit your needs, whether it?s advertising for newspapers or magazines or brochures and flyers for trade shows or mail campaigns. Dealers also have access to television commercials that promote ACE and its products, promotional videos and CDs as well as web design.

Your dealership package includes CD-ROMs containing the following marketing materials:

Templates to create business cards, stationary and envelopes
Customized brochures and flyers
Newspaper and magazine ads
Templates to print estimate proposals and work orders
You Will Benefit From the ACE/Security Laminates Dealer Program
In addition to the CDs, the marketing department has other tools you can use for presentations and trade shows:

Promotional videos including news media coverage

Professionally produced TV commercials

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