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ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures  
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ACE/Security Laminates Facts
To Register Online for Application Kit ACE focuses exclusively on safety films and security laminates. Our years of research and development, trial and error, and dealership support have positioned us at the head of this market.

We are the only safety and security window laminate company to use this technology. Our unique production methods combined with a bi-axe process creates an unparalleled strength and holding power unmatched in the industry.

The choice of adhesives, how they are applied on the laminate and in the different layers of that laminate, is also a unique and closely guarded secret. The adhesives between the laminate act in different ways (slip action) which dispenses tensile strength and provides our laminate with a truly unmatched strength that is the envy of the industry. Furthermore, our adhesives adhere to the crevices of the glass and help to make the laminate one with the glass - a process known as annealing.

Our top of the line laminate is only installed by factory-trained technicians.

Our laminate is truly clear.

ACE laminates are pressure activated adhesives as opposed to water based imitation films.

Our laminate is the only one to truly offer bomb blast resistance at the higher levels, as is demonstrated by our GSA testing results. ACE offers excellent bullet resistance as well as advanced burglar resistance.

Our laminates can withstand high levels of use and wear due to its scratch resistant layer. ACE products can be cleaned using the most common glass cleaning solutions in the marketplace such as ammonia-based cleaners.

We have our own, highly effective and state-of-the art anchoring system. This extremely strong anchoring system holds the glass in its frame in violent situations such as major bomb blasts, extreme weather conditions and major seismic activities.

ACE laminates come with a lifetime limited warranty against fading, yellowing, peeling, and opaquing or de-lamination.

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ACE Securaty Laminates

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