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ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures ACE/Security Laminates manufactures  
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About Ace
Window DiagramTo Register Online for Application KitACE/Security Laminates™ manufactures a micro-thin transparent window laminate which turns regular glass into barriers that can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles, and severe weather such as hurricanes. Founded in 1991, ACE (Advanced Coatings Engineering) is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide and continues to expand globally through a network of dealers. ACE Security Laminates™ are now available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule for use by all US Government agencies.

ACE's goal is to ensure that the public, both inside and outside of buildings, are protected against the threats of broken and flying glass. The ACE security solution helps construction and building managers to reduce that threat. Our security laminates can be retrofitted or applied to new glass installations. When retrofitting existing glass, ACE/Security Laminates™ are the single most cost-effective solution to reduce threats and injury from forced-entry attacks, bullets and explosive blasts.

Building Security Facts :
Glass is the weakest link in any building, personal residence or structure's security.
2 out of 3 break and enters occur through glass.
Over 200 Crores of glass protection waiting to be sold in India this year alone.
ACE Security Laminates™ protects glass from intrusions of thieves, vandals, acts of violence & terrorism throughout the world
ACE Security Laminates™ help reduce energy costs.
Our laminates are quickly becoming the industry standard for construction glass safety and security.

Our Position
ACE Indo Canada is responsible for Marketing & distributing ACE security laminates in India.
ACE/Security Laminates™ is an internationally recognized company which focuses exclusively on high-end safety films and security laminates for the ultimate in protection of glass available in the industry today. For over 10 years, we have specialized in the manufacturing and worldwide distribution of our product through a network of dealers. An intensive R&D program and constant product innovation have placed us at the head of our industry.

Homeland Security needs in the world are on the rise. Billions of dollars are being spent on glass protection. Learn how you can achieve financial independence with the ACE/Security Laminates™ Dealership Program.

Our team of professionals will train you to be a
"Security Glass Protection Expert"

Learn how you can build a viable, profitable and rewarding business with an ACE Dealership. Be the first to offer ACE/Security Laminates™ glass protection to your community.

There are over 200 Crores of glass protection waiting to be sold this year in India. Right now, in the US, it is actually mandatory for certain types of buildings to be protected by security laminates.

ACE/Security Laminates™ work by reinforcing glass to prevent accidental or intentional/forceful penetration, and by dramatically reducing the risk of injury caused by broken or flying glass shards. Whether hit by hurricane force winds, a baseball, bullets or even a bomb blast, glass protected by ACE/Security Laminates™ will withstand numerous blows, and still hold glass together.

ACE Security Laminates

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ACE Securaty Laminates

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