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Leading the industry, globally, ACE/Security Laminates™ manufactures safety films and security laminates for existing window applications and new construction in government buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, vacation properties, and vehicles. We provide a cost effective means to protect your most important possessions, your family, friends, employees, and property.

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In today's ever-changing world, we at ACE Security Laminate Products, like you, recognize the need for protection. Our laminates offer you protection by:

Holding shattered glass together after an impact. Acting as a smash and grab deterrent against burglars.
Glass protection during hurricanes, tornadoes, earth
quakes, etc.
Rejecting up to 79% of the heat at the glass, keeping your home or business cool and saving energy costs.
Reducing fading of fabrics and furnishings by rejecting up to 99% of ultraviolet transmittance.
Providing auto glass protection against burglaries and guarding loved ones during a collision.
Providing high-end bomb blast and explosive
resistance (GSA Registered).
Resisting penetration to .38 caliber, 9mm, 357 magnum when correctly applied to ½” glass.

While we provide superior protection from someone breaking into your home, business or auto, in case of fire we allow you to break out.

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